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Property Management

What is property management?

Property management essentially includes 3 things:

  • Property monitoring

    well, this service is most beneficial for all of them who cannot visit their property regularly. Our service will help you by protecting your property getting misused or encroached. How we do this? We will constantly keep monitoring your property, photos and short videos will be made to keep you aware about your property, this way if you feel any issue with your property, if you find some kind of issues then you can inform us about it, we will take proper care. Regular visiting will be scheduled for your property and site visit and also reports will be sent to you time to time. Any kind of intrusions or misuse when felt, you will be immediately informed. This situation is very rare. But in such cases we also help you with police cases. For fencing and sign boards we help it do it for you at some extra costs.

  • Tenant management

    According to us, this service is most important for people staying away from their country like NRI’s, who have bought the property in their country and wishing to settle down in their own country someday. This service has some additional benefits also, we will help you manage your property and keep it safe and sound by handling your tenant, managing all kind of small complaints and also collecting rent is an important part of our service. After taking our service, don’t worry about your property. We will take complete care. Keeping eye, clicking pictures and checklist is only few of our services. We also help in finding and finalizing the rent agreement with your renters. We also maintain then restriction and limitations, for the tenants.

  • Improvement and repairing

    Maintaining a property when you are away or old is quite a big challenge. Whether you give your property on rent or keep it empty, you need someone to take care, as you are afraid of hoodlum tenants. Our property management system that includes every kind of property related services. We will help you protect your property from such tenants and will also do the repairing needs. We will get all the repairs done through proficient workers.

This is a simplified presentation of property management working system. Now let us learn in details. If you are a proprietor and own flats and apartments, then we are here to help you with best ever property management services in Bangalore. We work for your property with integrated commitment and dedication. We understand the value for your property and your efforts behind the property, so we take complete care for you.

Property management service

  • Title trademark search report and legal opinion.
  • Land use substitution permission
  • Property conversion permission from deputy commissioner.
  • Betterment tax payment.
  • Also, payment for municipal taxes.
  • Khata alterations
  • Acquiring of survey sketch, title deeds, and Encumbrance certificates, mutation and Khata certificate, Atlas, mother deeds, Tippany and other relevant records required.
  • BBMP, BDA, THALUK OFFICE and Sub- registrar office verifications.
  • Authentication of original title deeds from related govt. commission
  • Property auditing
  • Plans approvals, verification of building and other relevant reports, licenses and documents of the project
  • Property registration at concerned government department office.
  • Authorization of farming lands from AC.
  • Formatting agreements such as legal, lease, sale, GPA, SPA etc
  • Stockpile check
  • Lease agreements
  • Discussion of Limits and Duties
  • Legitimate property surveillance
  • Final inventory check

Regular inspection of the property will be done as per the contract, we can take pictures and videos and detailed stock checklist of all the elements of the related property. To keep you updated regarding your property.

At times when you are not available for any event related to your property, weather it is a drafting process or rent finalization process, we will perform the required filing up to we are allowed as per the  power of attorney and we can do the manifestation process on your behalf. Certain charges are applied if we have to hire any lawyer, also for power of attorney decision, charges some fee for the NRI’s that would be charged extra for the customers

All the related limits or restrictions and the duties will be discussed and explained clearly to both the parties and it will be an expectation from our side that all the terms and conditions will be followed.

Our administrative will be overseeing your property regularly, they will be in touch with your occupants and will send you the updates time to time.   Particularly based on the package you have chosen. You will be pre informed about the visits with a list of dates scheduled for your property visit. Any sort of extra services if required will be charged extra

When new renters will be shifting or the old ones are going to move at that time an all- encompassing checking will be done, to confirm that your property has been taken care of properly

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