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Plot monitoring

Plot monitoring

After choosing our plot monitoring service, just sit back and relax. As, all the responsibilities belong to us. We will examine your plot on a regular basis as per the periods are finalized. We will send you pictures and videos at frequent intervals and also we will prepare a report of all the things and will send you for your satisfaction. We can also assist you if you need some extra monitoring of some specific thing.

 All the services will be done regularly on the fixed intervals. We can also arrange off-the-cuff visits on demands. If any disturbance done to your property or any attempt to trespass etc will be conveyed to you right away. If there is some kind of serious disturbance we will surely assist you to file case against the convict if required. For more security the fenced properties can put a banner of our company name. Otherwise, we can also arrange fencing for your property and we can put the signboard, with an extra cost.

Here is the list of services provided in plot monitoring:-

  • Monitoring on regular intervals to check the security of the plot.
  • We will keep you informed about your property frequently.
  • We will send you pictures and videos for your satisfaction
  • We will do inspection of your plot as per the schedule per year.
  • In case of damage, we will inform you right away.
  • Agreements and registration
  • Also, we can assist your relatives to see your plots if they don’t know about it.
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