Prop Caretaker


Khata is a government procedures about the availability of all the mandatory papers document and records, which are demanded by the authorities such as BBMP, BDA, BMRDA etc.

Types of Khata

A khata properties have the construction and expansion permits

 B khata properties will not have expansion permission, they also can’t avail loans. BBMP sometimes issues the B khata to few properties that come under jurisdiction.

khata is basically an account, it’s a document which determines the ownership of the property weather the owner is paying the taxes to the municipality with the account or khata.

Here are some details that a khata contains:

  • Details of the property
  • Property dimension
  • Where it is located or positioned
  • Construction area
  • Tax payment details

It acts as a revenue document as well as a necessary document license for building constructions and trading purposes. Khata was made known by BBMP in 2017. Main motive for this was monitoring the payment of property tax.

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