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BDA Plan Approval

BDA Plan Approval

BDA stands for Bangalore municipal development, it’s a government organization responsible for the development of Bangalore. BBMP also works for collecting taxes and maintaining the layout which is approved by BDA. Buying a plot without BDA approval is not safe at all. It’s important to certify that the particular business people have not taken the land, also BDA authorizes the layout plans.

BDA is the prime authority. It’s really vital for all the builders to get the plan BDA approved before doing any progress to the site or project. Also, a normal fee is charged by BDA depending on the project size. BDA designs an advancement structure for the layout submitted by the owner.

Planning a layout of a construction is the most important necessity for the building and construction. And the planned out is must be verified by corresponding authorities.

Not taking approvals will lead to illegal construction, which can make you susceptible to penalty. This will also be destructed by the government and it’s possible that the government will not provide you with general facilities like roads construction, drainage and electricity.

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